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pTrac – People Tracking

Features Overview

  • Centralized, non-invasive configuration
  • Easy-to-use panic button allows for quick notification to 24x7 security stations
  • Minimal battery drain – the user experience comes first
  • Privacy features such as temporarily suspending tracking and ON-DEMAND mode
  • Data is transmitted securely and without any NPPI (personal) information.
  • Centralized, web-based control allows for quick deployment
  • Can be deployed on our secure cloud-based system (on a dedicated environment just for you), or even installed inside your data center.

People Tracking - pTrac

skyTrac MobilePhone Security

Real-time situational information for employees
Our messaging capabilities can deliver critical alerts to employees using native cell-phone push technologies. No need to rely on out of date phone numbers, slow emails or unreliable text messages.

Works on 90% of smart phones
We cover Blackberry, Android and iPhone with minimal battery drain. Windows Mobile is coming soon.

Keep key security links front and center
Skytrac allows for easy access to security pages, contact information and more.

Put business continuity plans in the palm of their hands
BCP plans can be tailored on a person by person basis

Activate only in certain countries
Create rules based on risk to ensure tracking is engaged only when necessary

Flexible pricing models allow for maximum deployment
Pay only for what you use

Deploy on corporate AND personal phones
Allows for maximum coverage. Let’s face it, the world is moving to employee-owned phones. We are ready for this trend!

pTrac2, pTrac Voice, Mini, Personal Trackers

World’s smallest GPS devices
The eTrac2 fits in the palm of your hand, in any pocket, briefcase, etc.

Works all over the world
We offer domestic and international plans for any need.

Reporting intervals from 10 seconds to…
We help you find the balance between battery life and real-time reporting.

When something happens, you want to know where your key people are now, and how they got there. But, you want to be mindful of their privacy. Our new Skytrac mobile phone application allows for the best of tracking and delivery of key information when it matters most.