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vTRAC - Vehicle Tracking

Features Overview

  • Real time location tracking, monitoring and alerts.
  • 1-minute updates standard, but can customize for as frequently as 10-seconds.
  • Feature-rich suite of reports to fully manage your fleet.
  • Access to on-line historical data for up to 2 years.
  • Route planning tool to cost-effectively manage your mobile assets.
  • Live traffic feed provides ability to re-route fleet to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Customer-configurable speed, idle and maintenance thresholds.
  • Interface to monitor sub-systems.
  • Configurable alerts to allow notification about start/stop, excessive speed, geofence violations, panic alarm, towing, idling and vehicle immobilization.
  • Combines GPS and cellular technologies for industry-leading accuracy and reliability.
  • Scalable hardware solutions to meet your functionality requirements.

Vehicle Tracking - vTrac

Positive ROI in 90-120 days
See how companies recover costs in less than 4 months!

Used by small and large fleets
Whether you have 1 truck or thousands of trucks, we have the features that matter to you.

Vehicles are usually a company’s second largest expense
Followed by staff costs, companies spend most heavily on vehicles. Let us show you how our intelligence system reduces inefficiencies with automated Tax reporting, lowers DOT fines, prevents unauthorized use and more.

GPS is just the beginning. You don't need a tracking device. You need a vehicle intelligence solution. True Track offers everything you need to manage your fleet.

Web-based solution means no IT costs
And, we can integrate with existing customer or ERP systems.

Improve customer service with real-time data
Which vehicles are closest to the next job? Is my cargo temperature too high?

Improve vehicle routing
Generate turn-by-turn directions for a vehicle, taking real-time traffic alerts into consideration.

Local road speed alerts
Most systems allow for one fixed speed alert (i.e. when the vehicle exceeds 75 mph). We provide detail down to the street level so you know when a vehicle is doing 40 in a 25.