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What makes us different?

Mission Statement:

To provide necessary, valuable services for any sized fleet, affordably. We believe in the value of our products and solutions – all of which are designed to increase safety, efficiency and, therefore, profitability. We don’t believe these services need to be a major expenditure for any organization– large or small. We strive to keep our costs at a minimum so we can pass savings on to our customers.
Implementing a True Track solution to save your business money should not cost a lot of money! And it doesn’t.

True Track sets itself apart from other GPS tracking providers by partnering to offer related services, such as:

CellControl Most states have enacted no-cell phone use laws. But face it, your employees may not follow those rules. With CellControl, you can ensure vehicle and equipment operators are using mobile devices in legal and safe manners.
Vision on Demand Running a business is a lot of work. While GPS tracking will ultimately save you time and money, you may not have the time or resources to take full advantage of the solution. Vision on Demand offers live visual monitoring with optional proactive intervention at the time of an infraction which may be costly or dangerous
Speed Gauge Alerts about pre-set speed thresholds are valuable. We take it a step further. Speed Gauge is a daily report analyzing speed as compared to posted speed limits. It also provides driver safety statistics and trending.
SMART Fleet (Safety Management App and Real-time Tracking) Eliminate paper forms. Every form in the field can be translated into a mobile application - hours of service, driver certification, pre- and post-trip inspections, work orders, time sheets, and much more. While the operator is completing the form, it is being tracked for ultimate visibility by management.

True TrackLLC offers customizable hardware for tracking what matters to you most.